mardi 6 septembre 2011

Ogre Particle Lab 0.999

Ogre Particle Lab 0.999

A realtime particle editor i've been working on for the Ogre3D rendering engine.
It uses Qt for the user interface and of course Ogre3D for the rendering/particles.

All default particles features(Ogre 1.6) should be there.
You can create, add and change materials or whatever parameter at runtime.
Can be used for in-game particles, rain, clouds, or other special effects.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Seven. (Linux via Wine)

New version: 0.999

What's new:

> GUI fix and updates, quick single click selections.
> Camera tab(change background color, texture or FOV).
> Light tab(usefull for shader based particle effects).
> Quota fixed.
> Added 2 shader based particle systems samples (GLSL only).
> Stereoscopic view parallel, crosseye and Anaglyph (using F1, F2, F3).

MD5 checksum:

"Ogre Particle Lab Setup.exe" : 40c2d1ff499e3962372073083f023c8f

Old beta 2 video in frenglish:

4 commentaires:

  1. nice work ;)

    please update the download links - need this tool

    1. Thanks!
      I just tested the first link(hosted on, looks ok from here, i added a Magnet link too, tell me if you still can't download it.

    2. Jep, working fine now, thanks a lot! ;)