mardi 6 mars 2012

Linux/N*X userspace application-firewall/library calls filter.

Okay, i'm much more into graphic programming, 3D/shaders/..., but here is a "firewall" project i was working on recently:

Nethooks is a userspace application-level firewall; it works by overriding and filtering library calls.

  • Realtime library calls filtering. 
  • Remember user selections. 
  • Apps & Rules edition(double click app/rule), 
  • Regexp support. 
  • Userspace.
  • Cannot filter staticly linked programs.

dimanche 4 mars 2012

Singularity Concept, realtime 3D PC demo.

Here is a realtime 3D PC demo i was working on recently, music from GLXBLT!

I was reading and chatting a bit about artificial intelligence and the technological singularity concept, and i though that's a cool name!

''private update: -- m1nd your own def buffer @ Hache 2''

You can get the Win32 binary version there, might run...or not (:
Should run on Windows XP, Vista or Seven and also on Ubuntu using Wine.
needs a decent GPU, might run only on NVidia, i remember shaders troubles with AMD, and i didn't test....